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12-13 Vine Place. Tel: 0191 565 1907

Photo of TtonicA former hardware shop, opened as Ttonic in June 2003 and named by someone with a stutter (true!). Dark wood, neon panels and grand leather seating give a distinct retro feel. A music-policy of house, soul, jazz and hip-hop has helped establish Ttonic as a place for trendy clubbers.
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lee   11th March 10
ttonic is a good bar like but i must say i had a similar run in with the bouncers on the door like Luke. At the time I was 18 and had a full UK Licence on me and one of the bouncers couldn't work out my birthday telling me I was only 17, it took another bouncer to work it out for him then I got let in. Great place but the door staff need a bit of work.

Jess   7th March 10
Can you privately hire ttonic?

Kenny   22nd February 10
Puely mint like, no drugs or out in there it was git class. I recomend.

Kev   19th February 10
Has the extention to this pub starting being built ?

Tony Griffiths   17th February 10
SUNDERLAND vs Arsenal Live in The Eastender, Queen Vic and Paddywhacks saturday 3pm kickoff........ we have got Sky Sports and TALIBAN tv in all three of these pubs. if a Sunderland game is not on in these pubs its not on anywhere.

Luke   29th November 09
Hey, was in there last night and got past the bouncers with bout 8 other people...went to the bar where the barman asked for i.d. i showed him my northern ireland driving licence as im here for uni and he started telling me it was fake and that my details were wrong. He then said that he would keep it and i had to leave the premises. I find this comical as im quite often there with my friends and have spent a considerable amount of money there only to be told to leave. Im actually 19 and had no need for a fake i.d. I seriously think staff should be re-trained as to how to spot a fake i.d. and also how to treat customers properly.

to bob from management   15th October 09
wrong bar mate you were in somewhere like varsity we dont sell discount cards we give away a loyalty card for free and if you collect the stamps per drink you get a reward, check it out.....ttonic still offer massive offers just ask at the bar and the bar staff will explain them to you!

bob   29th September 09
Not cheap, was 3.10 on a saturday, unless you bought a discount card for 2 (25% off).

paul RE MARTIN   28th September 09
hi martin how much are the pints in Varsity, i still think 1.90 a pint is cheap i used to drink in the lambton worm but fosters is 2.30 now, i have no loyalty just go where its cheapest but only in the top end of town even if it was 1 a pint wouldnt go to Yates or Sinartras (war zone) as we call it.

Martin   22nd September 09
Me and my friends are not happy! pints gone up to 1.90 from 1.50! normally we spend the bulk of our night in here 6-7 pints but upon discovering the new price change we spent most of the night in Varsity! I give praise where praise is due and critism when its warranted...

Johnny M   31st August 09
I was in last night (bank holiday sunday night) and was pushed and shoved around, but not by other customers. I was being battered by angry misserable bottle collectors. We decided to go upstairs, where the barstaff were very stressed and shouting at the customers, not good!

donna (area manager)   16th August 09
hi guys ive read your comments about real ale, its defo sumthin to think about when tonic gets its re-vamp, as for the pullman i will speak with the general manager and see if we think it would be worth while.... let you no soon.x

goodfella =}   16th July 09
i used to go to ttonic many moons ago when the music was cool and diffrent to the rest of the town but havent been in for a while and wont be if they play commercial like the other run of the mill bars. but whats that saying... diffrent strokes for diffrent folks. you cant please everyone.

Col   8th July 09
Cool pub. Nice pint of Boddies

Martin   7th July 09
Went in again last night, 1.50 for a pint, Good commercial music, plenty of bar staff, even the mean looking guy with the tats was smiling haha. me and my mates are gonna come here on our route from now on...the reason we NEVER used to go in before was because we always associated it with boring hed kandi mundane crap and wannabees but now its what we like, maybe a bit more indie wud be good but otherwise cant fault it:)

Davey Foz   6th July 09
I had heard they were going to have cask beers in Ttonic. Any plans Donna ?

Jimo   4th July 09
Pullman Lodge is the nearest pub to where I live. If you get Double Maxim Samson or Lambtons on cask you can count me in as a regular. Cheers !

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