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12-13 Vine Place. Tel: 0191 565 1907

Photo of TtonicA former hardware shop, opened as Ttonic in June 2003 and named by someone with a stutter (true!). Dark wood, neon panels and grand leather seating give a distinct retro feel. A music-policy of house, soul, jazz and hip-hop has helped establish Ttonic as a place for trendy clubbers.
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jonesy   2nd July 09
Your right Donna what diference will a few months make the extention will be worth the wait. You mentioned the Queen Vic, I get in there quite a lot and the cask beer is quality. Any plans to put some cask on in any of your other outlets ? I am sure Double Maxim would go down well in the former Pullman Lodge.

donna (area manager)   29th June 09
Craig;- dont think the big extension will happen this year as we are busy re-furbing our new function suits and fish restaurant (the pullman lodge) on the seafront, just as we did with the queen vic at the other end of seafront, i think that needs a bit more help to attract visitors to seaburn/roker cos lets be honest we have more than enough pubs in the city centre, and i dont think waiting another few months will be any big deal, ttonic still is a fab bar, just needs a little tlc in the very near future to believe me.

craig   25th June 09
so it seems that there will be no extension and outdoor terrace coming summer 2009?

donna (area manager)   21st June 09
MARTIN;- glad you had a good night in ttonic i worked there that night it was a bit hectic but its all worth it when you get nice comments like yours, whats the point in charging over the odds for drinks cos people just wont come back, hope to see you back again soon.

Martin   18th June 09
Went in after the Oasis concert last week...bar staff were friendly and smiling, music was good, and most of all they didn't take the mick outta people by putting the pints up to STUPID prices like Arizona did! respect ttonic managment, people don't forget gestures like that, just a shame other places in town like to take the mick outta punters at every given opportunity!

clare   17th June 09
Ive got an interview on Friday at ttonic as barmaid hope i get it hehe its a really good pub on nights love it wish me good luck :D x

Ttonic   31st May 09
Trixie will be reading these comments and am sure she will be touched. Tuesday's were all about Trixie and anyone who steps into her shoe's has big boots to fill, but Miss Kitty is doing a really good job. We aren't saying Trixie will never make a surprise appearance, because we are hoping she will come back for one off events like HalloQueen and Mr Gay UK. What you have to bear in mind is Trixie wasn't sacked and she left with a heavy heart, but sometimes people need to be a little bit selfish and put themselves first, and for 5 years Trixie has been putting ttonic first.

simon paterson   31st May 09
I have not been in to ttonic on a tuesday for for weeks as ive been away from the city working. I found out that trixie had left and then found out why on this site. please get her back the place is just not the same without her. The new drag and the full night is just not tuesday anymore. I LOVED TUESDAYS BUT REALY DONT THINK I WILL BE COMING OUT AS MUCH NOW THAT TRIXIE IS NOT ABOUT. Please get well soon and come back. tuesdays are TRIXIE we love and miss you always.

Technottonic   26th May 09
Hey was in last night, and had an awesome bar, its so understated and never gets much attention on here. Really cheap drinks, like serioulsy cheap, good attmosphere pretty much down to the excellenty DJ, he was playing just anything, it was so random. We loved it.

Tony Griffiths   19th May 09
Re TRIXIE. Hi Paul just to let you know Trixie left ttonic due to health reasons, The new drag Quenn is very good just give her some time as everyone does things a bit different, Trixie is a big miss to all of us, she was a big part of our family and we wish her well in these tough times she is going through.

paul cameron   18th May 09
why is trixie no longer around on a tuesday?. I went into ttonic last week and there was a new drag queen. I asked her were was trixie and she was quite rude. She said she no longer worked there and that she was the new bitch in town. WITH THIS ATTITUDE I DONT THINK SHE WILL LAST TO LONG. I later found out of a customer that trixie has left. I was sad to here this and wish her well for the future. If you read this anytime trixie please come back. We miss you x

rebecca   20th April 09
i think that extedning ttonic to have an out door area would be good... of course it wont detract from the sprider... does it do that now? no. the only bad thing about tonic is that when i was in on saturday last, i left two half jugs of cocktail on the table whilst i went to check on my mate who was sick. when we came back theyd gone. where i work you dont take a drink if its half enpty let along a JUG! and also the toilet people couldnt be bothered to put the toilet roll in the dispensers.. apart from that ttonic is good and totally different from the spider.

pybus   3rd April 09
ha ha ha class tony lol, i like it

TONY G..   2nd April 09
re pybus...... will everybody stop all this bickering, i still think your a great dj. pybo. in the 6 years you have worked for us you have been sacked 3 times and walked out 3 times so who knows you could do arnie schwarzenegger, ill be back.... the pybo is a legend.

steph   13th March 09
just got to congratulate the djs on thursday just gone,what a awesome night of music played,i know karem is good but who ever coverd for him on this night. woop woop they di youre bar justic,be back evey thurs if they playing. nice one tonic x

Andrea   1st March 09
i love ttonic on fri there was a pic taken of me and the girls and there seems to bee a ghost on wwooooooo! check the pic out on Andrea Parkins facebook!

demi mcdowell   27th February 09
haha im aving me 14th brthday party here its gonna be class x

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