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12-13 Vine Place. Tel: 0191 565 1907

Photo of TtonicA former hardware shop, opened as Ttonic in June 2003 and named by someone with a stutter (true!). Dark wood, neon panels and grand leather seating give a distinct retro feel. A music-policy of house, soul, jazz and hip-hop has helped establish Ttonic as a place for trendy clubbers.
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Toni Pye   24th February 09
Sunderland Night Life should not be used like this. Personal oppionions should either be resolved face to face, or left unsaid - NOT publicly displayed on the internet. What has been said has embarassed and upset me to read. Being stuck in the middle is not a nice place to be, and from where I am, this feud seems to be getting worse. For god sake, can both parties please resolve this, and not on here! Sunderland Night Life is not for this.. And it makes me very sad to say the least. Thanks

Steve Pybus   20th February 09
re John Gray comments. I agree with what you say to a point but i also know that in the past management of the bars have put thier own bad comments about other bars and ex employees so i goes both ways, and iam sorry but if you read someting which isnt true about yourself of course you are going to put your point across, and just to put the record straight i replied to what the management of ttonic said about me after someone put a nice comment about me working there. And as for saying you work in another venue you still work for wylam leisure who own ttonic the glass spider and paddywhacks so your comments on here are still biased towards the company you work for. I do agree with the registration system for this web site though

Mike   19th February 09
John Gray: Sort of agree in principle but to whom would the list of users be available? Management, doorstaff, bars staff of any bar that has received unfavourable (even if sometimes warranted) comments? Hmmm.

John Gray   18th February 09
As a manager of another venue in town, I personally feel this website does not provide what the city centre needs. We now have a drinking culture in the city centre where pubs and clubs are willing to drop prices to 50p a drink to bring custom into the town. This is supported by a website such as this one which does nothing but bring down the vision of the city centre. This site should be used for people to give their views, good and bad, to the city centre scene, and not be allowed to becoming a slagging match between pubs. We have Take That and Oasis coming to Sunderland in coming months and any tourists who may be reading this page must be put off. We are only encouring outsiders to go to Newastle or Durham.

I think the way comments are submitted to this site should be tightened. Sunderland Nightlife management should make people become members of the site using a registration page and all comments made then can be tracked with a username etc.

I have had past employees, and still believe I have one current employee, who put malicious comments on this site about our pubs and clubs.

Something needs to be done about about the minimum price level in the city centre and about the way we all conduct our work. We should all be old enough and mature enough to understand that activities such as this are only giving the City of Sunderland a poor name.

Editor note: Thanks John, we agree with your comments and do plan to introduce a registration system.

Steve Pybus   18th February 09
Thank you very much Freddy i couldnt have said it any better but it just shows you how the management of wylam leisure treat their staff, if you can see how i have been talked about on this page after all the time i was with them, it doesn't bother me that much its just a shame certain people have to go on the way they do.

steve pybus   18th February 09
ttonic management, I have got better things to do with my time than belittle any comments made on this page i was told what was on here yesterday by a friend, if people are putting comments about me or the music or anything else it has nothing to do with me ,i would put my own name down as i have done in the past as iam not afraid to unlike some people, and as for saying an "ex employee and puppet" are trying to get one over ttonic get a life you sad people, it sounds to me like the only people massaging thier egos is yourselves, and to claire thanks for the nice comment and just to let you know iam going to be working at oslo once its had its referbishment, so ill look forward to seeing you and all the people who came into ttonic to see me, and to the so called management "ha ha" i wish you the very best for the future

freddy   18th February 09
re:steve pybus & ttonic managment...
Why is there so much belidgurent bickering on this page towards one paticular dj. Steve was with you for 5yrs. So that would mean a team effort form both sides would it not. Good management followed with a good dj to incorperate sonds and vibe along with your managemet skills,drinks offers etc etc etc...It just makes me laugh that if this 5yr service from him,in which you truly can not say that with out him it wud of not got the respect,stature and following ttonic has today. Ok for arguments sake you could say steve just got lucky,or could of been anyone else,but come on apart from one other dj i know who is now your new resident and a fantastic dj same level and par as steve you can't knock a 5yr res thats the longest i'v known any dj in the town hold a res for.So for what ever the reason between you him and ttonic,why write comments on here as if steve was only with you for a year or 6months.I really can't see steve being malace towards your bar for such long innings,if he gone to pastures new i think steve has the very much high capability of making were ever work in his own way with out trying to stair trouble.... 1point i like to make is you say you will not be copying other bars and do something fresh and innovative like you have done in the past? Past you say? was that not when steve was part of your team and made it were you are today?? And what about the new the new Dj? Are you using the new Dj cause he is a very good dj and could do something wonderouse for you in his own unique style or is it because your dj writes for a local known paper.....? I wish all of you the best in all anyone does...but the only ego that semms to annoyed is your own!

ttonic Management   16th February 09
I think it is very sad that an ex employee, a DJ and puppet who are desperate to get one over tonic seem to be using this site to try and belittle any positive comments just to massage their own ego.

Bri thanks for the comments and we know what you mean regarding the "dance floor" all 6 square feet of it ha ha. We the management team are also pleased with the change in direction and music policy and have received plenty of complimentry comments regarding the changes made in the bar and music. Perfect for ttonic and its refurb which is just round the corner. The management team are very sure that ttonic and its proposed new look, drinks menu and ideas for 2009 will turn a few heads. We will not be just copying other bars and will try and offer something fresh and innovative as we have in the past with ttonic and our other venues. We appreciate that we will not always offer everyones "cup of tea" but we promise we will try to deliver quality drink, music and food in the heart of the city centre.

p.s - Yes ttonic is Gay friendly and there is nothing wrong with this at all and yes on a Tuesday the majority of town is Gay orientated your point is?

claire   16th February 09
was in on sat night on it wasnt as busy as you say bri,dont know who the new dj is but pybus was much better a good laugh and he allways played what we asked for, tonic wont be the same without him :-( big miss

re: bri   15th February 09
your obviosuly a member of the management team, what you talking about dancefloor? its a mediocre bar, and as for a dancefllor there nowhere with more than 6 squre foot spare room! i used to like ttonic when i moved here, but realised cocktails are same old poo (just more expensive) and the tuesay night has made this bar a magnet for gay guys who love to make straight guys uncomfortble!

bri   15th February 09
really enjoyed tonic on sat night - service was good and the music was top class. packed full of nice people and girls on the dance floor boppin away smiling and having a good time nice to see tonic full of nice people, happy days! well done tonic me and my friends will be back defo

Steph   14th February 09
I say bring back Aero, the Dj that worked in Ttonic a few years back. He was mint. He did the Tuesdays alongside the guy in there now. His tunes were amazing, had the place kicking when it got busy. I remember he worked in Newcastle too. I miss him. Come back Aero! x

neil   12th February 09
what happened to the cheap drinks and wii games? said in the echo turned up on wenday and nowt different.

Steve Pybus   26th January 09
Just like to say a big thanks to all the staff i have worked with over the years that made ttonic so special, i really enjoyed my time working there and also to all the customers who came in and enjoyed themslevs thanks

L.metz   26th January 09
shame shame ,the pypo no longer,so who will step into his shoes,anyboady i suppouse, but there will never be a night like a steve pypo night. good luck for the future mate you going to be a sad loss...

Steve Pybus   23rd January 09
re all the comments about the music and dj are coming from one person who obviously thinks that this is going to bother me, well think again mate and you will be pleased to know that iam not working there anymore

mel   22nd January 09
its ok dj a got a habit of playing the same songs over and over and over again, looks like hes having a mid life crisis. Dr fox anyone?

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