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12-13 Vine Place. Tel: 0191 565 1907

Photo of TtonicA former hardware shop, opened as Ttonic in June 2003 and named by someone with a stutter (true!). Dark wood, neon panels and grand leather seating give a distinct retro feel. A music-policy of house, soul, jazz and hip-hop has helped establish Ttonic as a place for trendy clubbers.
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Tonic   16th January 09
Only prob with tonic... music should be louder upstairs so those upstairs can hear it and get in with the atmosphere. Apart from that tho, really good bar.

Pete   16th January 09
just a quick question you say 'az for the busiest bar in sunderland ha ha ha dj on weekend plyz the same all time' am i right in saying to no this you would have to either worked there or do work there to be in there long enuf to realise this (even thou your completely wrong) you can hide you name behind your comment but not your boring i think i am bigger than what i actually am personality.

RE random Dude   16th January 09
'''DJ who was in a while ago, who does Kulas bar is bloody awesome... that kid knows how to pick the tunes''''. hahahahaha a think am rite in saying your not as random as your making out to be are you! and if your that bloody awesome a think that big FOR SALE sign wouldn't be outside of kulas now would it!

steve pybus   13th January 09
re i agree with hazza. I am the resident dj on the weekends and been a dj in sunderland for over 10 years, and worked in nearly every bar in town and i can tell you it is the busiest bar i have worked in, dont know when you come in but if you dont like the music and there is a lot of people that do including the people who own the place go somewhere else and moan to someone who gives a toss, nice to see you not even got the balls to put you name

i agree with hazza   9th January 09
music is 5 yrs old, az for the busiest bar in sunderland ha ha ha dj on weekend plyz the same all time. time for change.

lozy   7th January 09
this is an awson club an coming up here from wales an going in there it has really shown the clubs in wales up especially the ones in cardiff the only down side to it is it should have more than 1 gay night an sunderland should have some gay clubs to the amount of people an money they would get if they did tha there so meany people in this world tha are gay an cant expres it because there is no were for them to express them selfs an 1 night aint guna do it isit bu apart from tha its a kwl club

robbie da mills   4th January 09
top bar, tuesdays are mint love yas ttonic

dave storey{barrymore}   29th December 08
great night in here on the tuesday before christmas, lots of new dudes in town out of the royalty love ya guys come back soon

Random Dude   29th December 08
Hey tell you what that DJ who was in a while ago, who does Kulas bar is bloody awesome... that kid knows how to pick the tunes,,,his mixin is good but needs inprovement but hey, apart from that get the kid back in again

wikid   12th December 08
the place iz fulla spice boys and the music needs sortin out

management   14th November 08
re kaz;- just because we are putting an extension on doesnt mean we are going to take anything away from the spider, ttonic never has or ever will be the same type of venue as the spider, wylam leisure never have any two venues the same thats what makes us so successful.

kaz   3rd November 08
do you not think you would take your customers from glass spider if you did that extension thats wat every one is saying so that cant be good for you as you will only loose out on the spider

cannot wait...   3rd November 08
ttonic is a class bar, i cant wait for the new extension i think it will easy be sund's best bar, i'm in there tonight! i love a mad mondays and the new drinks prices are lovely and cheap, mmmmm vodka with a jager chaser for me sir! see you tonight x

steve   2nd November 08
re hazza, Funny how it is still the buisiest bar in sunderland then, work that out if the music is off 5 years ago

New Look   2nd November 08
This new look will be like nothing in Sunderland. Tonic will get a brand new lease of life!

hazza   31st October 08
get an extension it will still have no atmosphere the music is off 5 years ago

Shaun   30th October 08
glad this place is geting sorted out with the new extention i love this bar but it is looking tired now it was the first bar i remember in sunderland trying to raise the asppiration a bit new extention i hope will give this place a bit of a boost.

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