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Green Terrace

Photo of VarsityPart of the Barracuda Groupís chain of Varsity pubs. This venue mixes modern exposed brick and metalwork with traditional pub soft furnishings. An unusual design causes you to enter the venue on an open landing between two levels. The larger room is downstairs with an impressive L-shaped bar and ample seating booths. Upstairs has a high ceiling giving a very airy feel. An audio visual system provides a random selection of music.
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Bethany   5th December 11
Big Dave what you on about? was in on Sat and not half as many chavs as other places in town...still one of the better bars in sunderland..

Big Dave   28th November 11
Was in on Saturday full of charvas

ross   27th October 11
yea agree with danni loving the bar and the music, not the bothered about the toilets at the end of the day what are they for lol, love the fishbowls :P

DJ Ian   26th October 11
Hi all - I worked here once (a few year back) - great place - great staff!

danni   5th October 11
I agree about the toilets they have always needed bombing.. but tend to not spend my night in the bogs.. still loving the bar.

Ste   28th September 11
This place is in need of a good deep clean, re furbishment and the toilets want bombing and starting again

Rhiannon   22nd July 11
Gud music on a friday asked DJ for a song and he put itt on straight away XD used to go on a monday never been in on a saturday but still love it xoxox

RIchard   7th June 11
yea paul was quiet when i was in there last weekend but bank holiday sunday was great, we usually pop in varsity around 9ish on a weekend and there a few in then

Paul   29th May 11
sometimes has been quiet when I go in, but never stops us.

Claire Louise   25th April 11
it was quiet on sat when i was in mark but easter sunday it was really bizzy had a great night b4 we moved on i think its more of a time because weve been in earlier on and it been bizzy on a friday then queit later on :-S x

Mark   18th April 11
Went in here on Friday night .... it was dead! Where are you people at . Is there someone putting up fake messages on here?? Tell the truth.

mathew   15th April 11
was in here last friday and saturday and i really enjoyed it great atomosphere and great music :)

DJ Jonfire   15th April 11
Hi all Dont forget to join me in VARSITY in sunderland every friday playing the biggest feel good anthems all night.... we got plenty cheap drinks so get yourself in and dont forget to say hi :-) see you all there! x

Steve   6th April 11
i agree claire had a great night on friday with good music and reasonable drink prices

Claire Louise   1st April 11
Had a good night last friday! always a port of call for me and my friends from now :) x

Slapstick   29th March 11
Dont like the tuneage - sorry. It used to be good though at one time.

francis wallabe   2nd March 11
all the staff are beautiful and lovely and good crack! everyone come here! play house music!

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