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Green Terrace

Photo of VarsityPart of the Barracuda Groupís chain of Varsity pubs. This venue mixes modern exposed brick and metalwork with traditional pub soft furnishings. An unusual design causes you to enter the venue on an open landing between two levels. The larger room is downstairs with an impressive L-shaped bar and ample seating booths. Upstairs has a high ceiling giving a very airy feel. An audio visual system provides a random selection of music.
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Isabel   19th June 10
God what is everyones issue? I mean yeh the musics not always fresh but you can always be guaranteed of a dance with the girls and like Jonny says its great for other things such as the footy. We were in on Saturday and I couldnt believe how big their screen is didn't even notice the upstairs till Sat how blind!

Varsity   19th June 10
Re: Heather and Jack
If you think we are expensive you really need to look around! With your V-card it's only £1.99 for a spirit and mixer £2.20 for a pint of lager £2.50 for a bottle of VK £1.50 any Bomb (Jager, Bucca,etc) and the list goes on. Yes we don't sell trebles for £3 however we also don't serve cheap brands. Guess you get what you pay for.

Johny Bravo   16th June 10
Everywhere seems to be suffering on a saturday night. Less and less people are coming out these days. Sunderland has become a bit of a ghost town for some reason so im glad the world cup has arrived. Place to be for footy. Great atmosphere - COME ON ENGLAND

Steve   13th June 10
Music was great on Saturday night but the bar staff were slow.

ian usher   13th June 10
Could you let me know if there has been a phone handed in. I lost it on Sat 12th June. Contact no: 01915529852 i.usher@sky.com

Re heather from Jack   9th June 10
Totaly agree what you are sayin. Costs a lot of money in ere. would be busier if drinks were cheeper.

Heather from silksworth   4th June 10
the music is fine ....... its the drink prices that are the problem!

Re stef   2nd June 10
I like varsity because the music is different and isnt like all the same bars. To be honest if it was the same I wouldnt walk all the way round to varsity from the main street - what would be the point.

Jon   1st June 10
Although I loved the house music the dj played here months ago on a saturday night I think the music is best the way it is from a business point of view. Thers loads of different ages gettin in here. Stick with the chart and cheese. We go out on a saturday night and some of the bar's music in sunderland is very plain and boring compared to here.

Stef   31st May 10
Dont know what the fuss is about, varsity plays everything. Me and the girls love coming here. x

Gareth RE: Matt   28th May 10
Ahhh the classical 'cant take some constructive debate' approach. Then get youre back up about people having a decent debate on a PUBLIC FORUM. Im simply discussing mate, I havent once slagged off or slated anyone. Quite the contrary. Simply making a point that its a nice venue and 'could' not 'must' adhere to less cheese. Once in a while... which the dj has come on and said he is trying to do.

And Sunderland is NOT ONLY a commercial crowd. If you knew your city so well you would know there is a HUGE indie scene, a fairly big rock scene, and a smaller electronic scene who put on events but go to bigger cities for events. PLUS your usual amount of PARTY/CHEESE crowds which every city/town has.

Shame this forum cant have more informed discussion rather than people like Commercial Matt getting his back up at the slightest viewpoint.

DJ Ian Re Gareth   27th May 10
I play various commercial music to all types of people in the bar. Its working. This bar is about people enjoying themselves. I play what people like and the good thing is ... they come back! I aim to keep an exciting atmosphere. Varsity will always be a pop/chart commercial bar. Please consider the people that come in - 18 - 60yrs. It is fair to say we are doing a lot better than some other bars in Sunderland. I would like to welcome you back and request your music as I try my best to keep everyone happy.

Matt re Gareth   25th May 10
The DJ obviously wants to play to people who are actually gonna get up and dance rather than the likes of you who wud rather sit there nitpicking at everything the DJ does, you think the DJs there just for you? Sunderland is a commercial crowd, people like you are the minority, your always gonna loose, Varsity is a chain pub which in turn makes it a commercial venue, it comes down to the 'if you dont like it dont go in' phrase, go somewhere else and nitpick eh

Gareth re Ian   25th May 10
Thats fair enough mate, its a big bar which has had crap music for years so its not easy to all of a sudden stop playing the cheese. I personally think what a lot of d'js and bar owners dont realise is... that it's not for the customers to pick the music and for the DJ to just be a jukebox. So how much you let yourself be governed by people who like cheese defines you and the bar you play in. Varsity is in a bit of a catch 22 because its nice enough to attract a really good crowd now, but it still plays massively commercial music and ends up putting off a lot of people also. Cant please everyone I guess. As long as the DJ plays as some decent tunes when he can get away with it, thats all you can ask i guess with the current set up.

Mick   21st May 10
Can you not play house music midweek then?

DJ Ian Re G   20th May 10
I play all of your list my friend. Its a simple case of playing to the crowd. Varsity (im sure you will appreciate) have various ages entering the bar, this can range from 18 - 50s. Particular music I play has to be played at certain times that accommodate the ages of the people inside at the time. Music varies in Varsity but always stays commercial. I am always cautious of the crowd and never play for myself. I try to meet everybodys request because Varsity are here to provide a service ... and that is to ensure you have an enjoyable night. Your list (below) contains commercial music therefore you can approach me and request your songs as my aim is to make sure that you will be happy to return! DJ Ian

G   20th May 10
Re Steph, prob is its the lasses who say "we just want to party and sing along to songs we know" who kick off and complain as soon as they hear a song they dont know. I dj'd at a 18th party once and would never do it again, its a very basic music mentality. Typical of people who claim to love music but 'hate' anything that isnt played by Chris Moyles or Galaxy. Im not for one second saying... play uber cool music because I totally agree, because of the state of the city centre more educated music fans stay well clear.

But what you can do.... DJ Ian or whoever... is play GOOD popular music not the dross you hear on day time radio 100 times a day. Totally racking my brains here but things everyone knows but is still good music. If you done that then Varsity would get alot more of other peoples money, rather than just the girls who since along to Britney.

Im thinking:
  • Groove Armada
  • MJ
  • Some Justin TImberlake
  • Some JayZee
  • Daft Punk
  • Jocelyn Brown
  • Estelle
  • Basement Jax
  • Amerie
  • Alecia Keys
Anyway im totally wasting my time as you cant educate people who have the same musical appreciation as they did when they were 6. Unfortunately thats half of the town. Prob is... Varsity is a nice bar now... so deserves better quality music & punters.

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