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Green Terrace

Photo of VarsityPart of the Barracuda Groupís chain of Varsity pubs. This venue mixes modern exposed brick and metalwork with traditional pub soft furnishings. An unusual design causes you to enter the venue on an open landing between two levels. The larger room is downstairs with an impressive L-shaped bar and ample seating booths. Upstairs has a high ceiling giving a very airy feel. An audio visual system provides a random selection of music.
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DJ Ian   18th May 10
Hi everyone - DJ for Varsity - thought Id introduce myself after all this time. Experienced in 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000 - Pres, Pop, Dance, Indie, House, Funky House, Progressive House, Hip House & RnB
2007 - Present - Varsity @ Sunderland
2005 - 2007 Aruba - Middlesborough
2003 - 2005 Tenerife - Linekers, Ministry Of Sound, Jumpin Jacks, Sky Park & Bar 1 (Also working along side DJ Judge Jules at foam night @ The Castle)
2003 - 2003 Tokyo Project - Oldham
2001 - 2003 Chicago Rock - Middlesborough, Lincoln, Chester Le Street, Bury & Wakefield. (Luminar Lesiure/Eminence)
2000 - 2001 Magaluf
Hope you are all enjoying Varsity!

re Steph   15th May 10
Typical low brow Sunderland mentality. A bar starts trying to a little diverse in their music policy and people complain and demand what they "expect" to hear...Just because a bar has a live DJ on, does'nt mean that they are your personal jukebox. No the wonder this city centre is rubbish in comparison to somewhere like Newcastle when it comes to bars/venues. Because eventually all bar owners/management here cave into it and alienate their clientele. The bars that work are the ones that STICK to their music policy, whatever that may be...

Re Re Steph   14th May 10
Its not naff music and im sure a lot of people will agree. What happened to having fun when going out. It seems like people like to put people down just for going to a particular bar and having fun. Smiles, laughter and singing to music that you actually know are all of the ingrediants to a good night!

Re Steph   13th May 10
And alot of other "normal" people like a litttle more class than lasses dancing round poles to naff music. lol. Bet you bought Cheryl Coles album and love Boyzone hahahaha

Steph   12th May 10
Been going in here for yrs still say dj is best pop party dj (whatevea you call it) in sunderland. This is what normal people like me go in for. We hear something on the radio we expect to here it on the weekend. I hate this house stuff that nobody knows, sounds all the same. Me and the girls will always go here. It wud be nice if we had a pole we could dance around. x

Charlie   28th April 10
I like the stuff they play in ere. pop and stuff like that! x

Karl   26th April 10
I was actually in on bank holiday sunday - music was gud. After that its changed again. Asked doorman what was going on - they didnt know. Asked the DJ for more upfront music like the previous weeks. DJ said sorry and wasnt allowed to play it anymore as management didnt think it was working. Big shame!

G   21st April 10
So what music is it now then?

Andy   20th April 10
Music has changed a lot (at last). I think it is a good move varisty - keeping up with times. Maybe you'll attract some people with style instead of the chavs who get in. Music is just right. Seen a lot of older ones also hanging back. This place is back on my saturday night list.

Re Stanley   14th April 10
Was in here on saturday night mate - music has def turned. DJ played 'disco wheels' for me and other similar tuneage that i love, a little bit like the spider, huge improvement. that kinda stuff. Karl

Stanley   8th April 10
i honestly think its nice in here now, a worthwhile addition to the towns nightlife. However the music is FARRRRR to charty/cheesy. Treat us a bit more like adults please instead of school kids. I appreciate you cant play ultra cool tunes all night but some nice funky tunes and the odd classic or good well known track thrown isnt too much to ask surely?

Charlie   19th March 10
Monday night seems to be fading - im a big fan (need to make it more juicy). No excitment anymore.

Re Sarah   13th February 10
Can the owners of this site please stop allowing staff blatantly posting pretend messages saying how great there bars are. If people want to promote something just do it normally!

Sarah   11th February 10
Crackin party last week for my bezza's birthday, had private hire totally FREE on top floor! Excellent! Well reccommended! Sez. x

Sunderland fc   28th January 10
varsity luks well nice now - love it in ere on sat nites.

Saturday Night   21st January 10
Nice to see a dj playing what you ask instead of getting false promises like the rest of the bars. Best pop bar in sunderland! Great atmos - will be backX Jen

Charlie   26th November 09
Love the rnb and indie on saturday night. will return - thanks for a good varsity.

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