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Green Terrace

Photo of VarsityPart of the Barracuda Groupís chain of Varsity pubs. This venue mixes modern exposed brick and metalwork with traditional pub soft furnishings. An unusual design causes you to enter the venue on an open landing between two levels. The larger room is downstairs with an impressive L-shaped bar and ample seating booths. Upstairs has a high ceiling giving a very airy feel. An audio visual system provides a random selection of music.
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tilly   25th February 09
I dont know what the doorman are upto - they are IDing everyone - its a major put off. I can understand if someone looks underage but last week I was wondering if they were just bored. Therer boredom will cost the bar if they keep it up.

maxi   23rd February 09
last monday i think just about everyone got id a guy with stubble and about 6'4 got id and i havent seen any kids in for a long time just a few idiots on a monday fanny crawl

door   19th February 09
god people talk sh*te, varsity is renowned to be hard to get in for young uns, if you act the goat, u get a crack

Re: Kevin T   3rd February 09
I think this place should play more indie.

Kevin T & the Uni Crew   29th January 09
I just wanted to say that this place is a backbone for all nightclubs around it. It has always attractid people in every weekend. It is a cool place to visit before going clubing to spider or diva/liquid - Varsity brings in a lot of people before it shuts. My mates and me LUV IT! in here - these clubs should appreceate your efforts because if your bar was rubbish it would reflect on custom to the others when it shuts. I agree with the post from 'lesley' you have a great mixture of music and obviously is doing a great job. Music and atmospher - mint. See you on Saturday Varsity (as always)

Lesley   22nd January 09
I've been going here for to years solid every Friday & Saturday. Good mixture of music. Keep up the good work. x

Re:Jaynee   20th January 09
Fantastic? easily pleased. If you are a regular you'll see its took a tilt. You can see ohter people have starting drifting to other bars.

Jaynee   19th January 09
Don't know what that Kristen's on but the music is fantastic on a Monday, probably the best night of the week. We love it!

Kristen   19th January 09
Whats happened to mondays? The musik just isnt there anymore. Has Varsity changed the DJ over the last couple of weeks? Still love it in here but concerned. x

Kevin   13th January 09
Last weekend a group of us went out after a long evening at work. We work as accountants in a big firm in wearside. We ended up in varsity and found it to be a good place. The music was good and we all started to get into the mood. One of our members of staff was dancing and all of the sudden a doorman came down stairs and threw him out with force. We were gobsmacked! Obviously we left our drinks and went outside to be with him as it would be wrong leaving him outside. Our friend done nothing wrong at all apart from having a casual dance. We were very annoyed considering everyone else was dancing. I am leaving this message to inform you that we will NOT be returning because of this. We are professional workers and are not shy when spending money. Great place but we will be staying away from doorstaff like that.

kaz and dan   5th January 09
New Years Eve was mint. x

Jayne C   23rd December 08
Best Monday Night Ever! It was absolutely bouncin. I could see why people were queing past liquid and diva to get in. It was well worth the wait X

Re: Charlie   19th December 08
You hav to admit this bar is the best for pop music and I thk it shud stay like ths aswell. its up there with the best BARS (not clubs) in town. love the new fit, really comfy. x

betty boo   18th November 08
What you on about Bren - people get Id all the time just because you don't see anyone in the few minutes your at the bar! Know for a fact the staff are evil and just love telling underagers NO! Guess your just getting older so everyone looks younger.......

shaun   18th November 08
aye - thas loads of kids in ere. music is class bt need t get rid of the young ns.

bren   29th October 08
varsity is R rite bt loadsa young'ns get in and nt talking 18-25 mean 15,16,17 lyk. we al done it wen bairns like bt neva c any1 ID by bounca's or staff. a work in bar mesel and ID evry1 who looks younga that me. bt appart 4rm that it good music and reasonably priced drinks. Gud place to gan for a few b4 union

Charlie   17th October 08
Varisity is easily one of the best bars to have a drink on the weekend. Everybody I know goes here. The atmos is toppa!

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