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Green Terrace

Photo of VarsityPart of the Barracuda Groupís chain of Varsity pubs. This venue mixes modern exposed brick and metalwork with traditional pub soft furnishings. An unusual design causes you to enter the venue on an open landing between two levels. The larger room is downstairs with an impressive L-shaped bar and ample seating booths. Upstairs has a high ceiling giving a very airy feel. An audio visual system provides a random selection of music.
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Chris   14th October 08
Woz in here on saturday night - ace -music is well good. one of my best places.

paul t   7th October 08
propa mint nite on monday was mint is their new staff their ? lass with short black hair behind bar dead good crack stopped in their all night music quality . irish lass bloody moody

Craig   19th September 08
I think I know that barmaid, she's from Chase I think? Varsity is ace, only place to be on a monday

G Manna   13th September 08
Love Varsity, was in last night played sum top quality stuff! Redbull pitchers oh aye! The lass that kept servin us was well hot, never seen her before. Short brunette, canny belly on her for a little lass but proper cute haha, she new?

Kristen   13th September 08
Me and me mates had a cush nite here on Fri. It seemed like it was the only place that was busy - the rest of the bars were dead. First time here - will def be back. X

Yusef   12th September 08
Some good old skool tunes in here on the weekend. Ones I havent heard in about 10 years... memeories come flooding back. I wish other bars would stop playing Baby D, Ce Ce Peniston etc ... getting really boring now, same stuff all the time. Breathe of fesh air in here. Nice totty in here aswell. Yusef 30 Grangetown

Lovin it!   12th September 08
Had a sound nite on thurs. Got a little miffed at some of the otha bars coz a didnt know some of the songs they were playin... cheesed me off. When you come ere at least you know 99% of them. Thumbs up.

Niall Quinn   23rd August 08
Best pre point bar on a monday no doubt, even got dj from arizona, propa mint night early doors in here love it

Karen   20th August 08
I havent been out in quite a while and decided to go for the plunge. Just wanted to say the girls & I thoroughly enjoy ourselves last saturday. You havent half changed since the last time I was there. On behalf of the girls I just wanted to say "thankyou for memorable night". We stayed in here most of the night and will definetley coming back!

Shaun re:love this place   8th July 08
Totally agree. If you go in early hes playin stuff which is more casual then later on he plays more dancy stuff. I start here and end here every weekend. I like a place where you have a bit of everything not like these other places which just play house music and rnb. what about pop, dance & indie. I think varsity is a good place for everyone.

mon nite crew   1st July 08
where's has that barmaid gone, darkhair used to be there 24/7?

re: love this place   11th June 08
I have to agree wit the comment about the music. The music in here is good compared to some bars in town. Everything from cheese to the serious stuff which balances it out for everyone getting in from 18yr old chavs, house music lovers to your older lot. Although the chavs get in, you have to agree so does everybody else. The tunes in here 'are for everyone'. I feel like sometimes Im waiting forever for a drink though. Could do with more staff. x Karl 23

love this place   29th May 08
Music is mint in here. Loved it also on saturday when the hatton fight was on. shows you can create a good atmosphere in here. A good allround bar. well done. Shaz X

Furious   20th May 08
My name is simon I am disabled. I needed the go to the disabled toilet. The DJ was kind enough to stop what he was doing and open the door for me. I had to wait for to healthy men in there 30s to finish what they were doing in MY toilet before I could go in. This toilet should only be for disabled people.

Johna   20th May 08
I look over my shoulder in Varsity on Saturday Night and find a boy aged 21ish in a pair of trainers and a cap. Is there a dress policy here? I hope something is done because this bar is very nice and I really enjoy the music on a weekend. I dont want to be put off by this.

flipper   6th May 08
For goodness sake people, if every1s so bored in thier m8s company on a nite out that their only excitment is to observe every1 else or how many mins or secs theyve w8d for a drink, then u's mite as well stay in and watch corrie! get urself out nd lighten up and concentrate on havin a laugh like the normal people among us! Varsity's well good! or otherwise stay in and sit on youre lap top and slag bars off everytime u'v had a bad nite...know what id rather do...

Helen   6th May 08
I love this place - DJ on Saturdays is absolutely awesome. Music is brilliant. I really like it in here since its been done out. This bar is definetly in my weekend all of the time for me and the girls!

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