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Green Terrace

Photo of VarsityPart of the Barracuda Groupís chain of Varsity pubs. This venue mixes modern exposed brick and metalwork with traditional pub soft furnishings. An unusual design causes you to enter the venue on an open landing between two levels. The larger room is downstairs with an impressive L-shaped bar and ample seating booths. Upstairs has a high ceiling giving a very airy feel. An audio visual system provides a random selection of music.
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big spender   6th May 08
Couldnt believe this! Im one for ignoring notice boards in bars. I bought a Varsity Card for £2 and it gives you upto 25% off some of the drinks a food in here. Feel like kicking myself... didnt know they had done this coz i spend a small fortune on a weekend. Good one varsity!

Phoenix   4th May 08
Ok so last nyt me and some friends went to go in Varsity, my friends were asked for ID, then when they produced it were told it was too full and that they were too drunk, we had only had 3 drinks previous to that, and the place was obviously emptying out. What a load of crap. Won't be going in there again.

Hello Kitty   4th May 08
What a shambles last night - got asked for ID, so I said 'ok' and reached into my bag to get it, then me and mates got told we wern't allowed in cos it was too busy (hmm seeing as there was no queue and people were still getting in). Just seemed another excuse. Am I missing something? Was it nappy night or something - cos there were plenty of "obvious" kids getting in there easily. Or is it cos I don't have my bits showing (as most kids do to avoid getting asked for ID). Its a shame cos I love Varsity, but last night just left me really dissapointed in the place. Being 22 I don't expect to be turned away for no good reason, and a 15 year old being let in instead.

Random Hot Boy   4th May 08
varsity is class. the staff in there are just so foxy especially that irish one. shes gorgeous!

kie kie   2nd May 08
What is wrong with you all! Stop slaggin off the best bar in sunderland and get a life! How many people check their watches when thay get to a bar and time themselves getting served? losers...thats who! If you want to get served instantly why not try going to wetherspoons? hear the atmosphere in there is AWESOME! and the music is bangin!

k8   1st May 08
wots the obsession with the bar staff?? i dont even take notice how theyre stressed out and stuff i just get on with me nyt nd have a laugh.. get over the staff people nd enjoy youre nyt out! doormen are mint (Y)

Sue   25th April 08
I was in last night - great music as always. When I was standing at the bar I seen a big notice advertising for more bar staff. I hope this resolves the issues raised below. Its not the bar staffs problem that they dont have four pairs of hands. Im sure they try there best!

leave them kids alone   22nd April 08
lay off the staff! most are mint like!

elle   21st April 08
totally agree with comments on bar staff. we always go to varsity and atmosphere is great on match days spesh derby days. However, we were thrown out 6 mins into match when miserable waitress (who bouncer actually told us had complained she was sooo stressed 1hour into her job) dropped one of the plates of food all over. At this point owen scored and my friend who is a scum supporter laughed and waitress complained to bouncers that she wanted us chucked out cos we laughed at her dropping the plate. Nothing to do with her being embarrassed and all. Needless to say we are all complaining but had a better and cheaper time in Paddy Whacks. Must add bouncers were great and totally on our side...

SAFC F.T.M   15th April 08
Anyone watching the derby in here on Sunday? Is it a good atmsophere?

re mel   15th April 08
do you think it makes you rock solid if you know the bouncers like? i would do the same if you came to the bar and looked under age, it'd be her that got the fine if anythin happened, get a grip, what the hell, did you wake up the next morning and think, "i must comment on this on the website its a damn outrage", little bit sore coz you got a lil embarrassed when you couldnt get served are you? pathetic

maidi   14th April 08
this place is mint on a monday not very oftern that i get out but always come in here, people need to lay off the staff just think if that was you, keep it up staff x

scratch and sniff   12th April 08
love this place on a monday, wouldn't be night out with out it, i agree that there should be more staff in on a monday but workin in bars since i can remember i know mondays can be packed out one week then dead the next, anyway love this place, management and staff keep it up, customer for life the way its goin! ohhhh one more lil request, any chance of playin a little bit of blink 182 or sumthin like that on a monday, not that i don't love the music just it seems like a lot of customers are into different sorts of music x

baz   11th April 08
i feel sorry for the staff its not there fault there understaffed! imagine the pressure there under and i've seen them gettin pure sh*t of people i always get served by the dancefloor and the girl thats there every week with dark hair always is friendly and runs bout like a headless chicken tryin to get everyone served!

mel   9th April 08
i love it in Varsity the music is really good. love the doormen but the bar staff need to get a life. Mainley the 1 with the glasses asking me for id wen she has been serving me all night and am really good mates with the bouncers she she got put in her place. well c you's on monday!

ste   9th April 08
i like it in here but its startin to get full of under age charvers - was in on monday and felt old - im only 20 myself! could be the next vision?

dl   8th April 08
Love the music but Varsity really need to get some more staff! We stood 45 mins trying to get served on monday and left without a drink after getting bored! Wont be going back in a hurry. Plus the toilets smell awful!

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