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White Room

29 Holmeside, SR1 3JF

Photo of White RoomA small cafe bar located on the main street between The Point and Yates's. Please use the form below to leave your comments about The White Room.
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Gina   27th August 10
went to see battle of the bands final there sunday 21st aug 2010 what a great day and night. most bands that played were top notch. We Beat The System won it and they were class. Only poor band was that dodgy green day cover band. Can we have more like this in Sunderland please???

trev   23rd August 10
went to see battle of the bands final there sunday 21st aug 2010 what a fix the the band that won it were no where near as good as the band me and my mates thought should have won a a band called micelleneous adolescent they blew everyone else apart been checking there stuff out on you tube class act think the lads were well robbed

PLUGGED IN   22nd January 10
Josephs has gone, long live plugged in! Reopens Friday 22nd Jan.

bob   23rd November 09
apart from that, not good to see they've gone for the usual run of the mill draught and bottles. like the new decor though.

Graeme   16th November 09
Good to see Josephs are selling cask beers.

TouchSoul   2nd November 09
First Saturday of every month at Joseph's bar (formerly The White Room) TOUCHSOUL with music selections from Adrian/Gary plus special guests... The best in House, Disco, Soul, Funk and Boogie grooves

starky   2nd July 09
get the buckets on!

Steve   19th June 09
Is there a phone number that works for this place?

Andy   3rd June 09
Good to see the jazz night have started up again.! I play in a duo; vocals, saxophone & piano. We go under the name 'Duende' (Andrew & Zoe) & have played in numerous jazz venues throughout the NE. We recently played a 9 month residency at Cosa Nostra & regularly play cafe's in the Seaburn area. Can you let me know when you're next available Wednesday slot is, & when I can pop in to see you.

Tom   24th April 09
Played a gig there the other week on a Sunday, not the busiest place but not empty by far, nice atmostphere and decor, liked it really, not much to complain, might just be that where i usually drink it cheap as chips but thought it was a bit pricey

Question   14th April 09
Is this place any good now that person who changed it into 'Oscars' has left? Stopped going in when it looked like a drag artists dressing room. It was the 'cool' place to hang out before - just wondering if it's got it's old sparkle back?

Renegade #1   3rd April 09
Have had a love-hate relationship with this bar for about for years now. Went in for the first time in months last Saturday and love it again! A DJ who actually plays requests! (and he's easy on the eye) I might try and marry him. Really good mix of music styles, something for just about everyone, and had a good, friendly atmosphere which used to be lacking in the days of old. Mike and Frankie did a really good job with the place - it's now become our regular pit stop on a Saturday.

Steve   11th February 09
The music's class during the day, nice coffee too

Courtt   20th January 09
awsome night last night the metal night rocked and can not wait for the next one :) xox

dub plates   17th January 09
whats gainn on on thursdays in TWR seen two giggly student girls playin there fav downloads all nite , am i wrong folks love this place just an opinion, dnt fight me for that. increase the peace on this page haters

Regular   5th January 09
Shame to see frankie go but mike is also a great bloke should do the place the world of good no doubt he will. emmy emmy emmy out out out haha Music is class!

baza   28th December 08
dj iz toppa in here wudlnt mind doin a house nd soft electro set in here like

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