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White Room

29 Holmeside, SR1 3JF

Photo of White RoomA small cafe bar located on the main street between The Point and Yates's. Please use the form below to leave your comments about The White Room.
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regular   30th November 08
always good crack in here, music better than most places, never ever been in once and seen the place empty, quality!

roberto campoli   21st November 08
blunt monkey are playing @ here sunday 30th....you should go and check them out!

Doddsy   15th October 08
Went to a gig here to see small screen light show, the venue is mint and it sounded great, more good gigs please!

white room follower   15th October 08
it is heaven! my home! my love!

Regular   1st October 08
For a bar that has a "horrible, tense atmosphere" as you put it, to be so busy every friday and saturday certainly seems strange. All the punters have a good laugh in there and yes all the football lads do go there, but there is never any trouble. The DJ (Emmie) plays a good mix of alternative tunes and in my opinion its a good night out. Try catching one of the gigs, that might change your views.

felix   1st October 08
I prefer 'no' atmosphere to a horrible, tense atmosphere. Oscars may have been, as you put it, 'pants', but at least it had a happy, relaxed vibe. I'd feel safer in Sinatra's than The White Room these days.

regular...   30th September 08
Felix you are a muppet. If you remember the curtains and candles then you will remember that you were the only person in the place. When it was Oscars it was pants, no DJ, no atmosphere, no nothing.

felix   29th September 08
it's like they've moved the souh west corner of the SOL to this bar - full of bigmouthed thuggish idiots wearing over priced designer clobber and listening to a hits of 1990 compilation cd. sux big time. bring back the candles and velvet curtain.

DJ   12th September 08
Sunderland is a disgrace, but the whiteroom makes it just a bit better. jazz night was great. Good luck whiteroom. If you ever go out of business, come down south, we have culture here, not just drunken monkeys.

secret admirer   28th August 08
no no no no its defonately not changing back to oscars my older brother knows the manager and says he would stab himself in the foot before doing that. btw have you been in recently, theres a fella who looks like keanu reeves.... dishy or what!? i sometimes sit at the bar on a saturday when hes in and dream that he could be mine..... ohhh keanu i hope i see you this friday in the early hours ;)

mark   8th July 08
Would be a bit strange to change it, jam packed when we've been in.

caroline   27th June 08
word on the old grapevine says this place is going back to oscars. please please no. oscars was the worts bar eva! keep the white room alive!

JAZZ LOVER   30th May 08
I am looking for accoustic jazz band who can play great music for my event this July. I heard that White Room often held live jazz music. But I dont have their telephone numbers. So if anyone have any idea please drop me a line to orjieku@yahoo.com Thanks loads.

Tom Levin   26th May 08
I was in the white room at the weekend and really enjoyed it. I hate going out in Sunderland but this place saved my soul. Great cool bar

Joe Dawson, Thorney Close   14th May 08
Its back to its best and they even sell the excellent Sunderland brewed Double Maxim these days.

mr pub crawl   22nd March 08
well well the penny has fallen on managements heads they slowly getting the old crowd back in well done w.rooms lets keep it up people seen a few people in well done staff keep it guys your heading in the right direction byee happy days

Just passin   24th February 08
This place looked packed when I drove past on sat night. Me thinks me an the girls may have a wander down here and check it out.

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