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White Room

29 Holmeside, SR1 3JF

Photo of White RoomA small cafe bar located on the main street between The Point and Yates's. Please use the form below to leave your comments about The White Room.
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w.r staff   6th February 08
in regards to nothing going on..the reason why its dead on a tuesday is because its closed, also on a wednesday night at around 9pm the jazz night is on and the screens are pulled down at the window so the people inside enjoy an intermate evening of alternative music.

mr general   28th January 08
hello white rooms whats happening go past on tues and weds nothing happening always quiet no sound you can hear the owls and wolves when you pass oh i mean run pass where are the vibes and get that function room hired out come on management get yer finger out before you get fired get this place on the night life scene try theme nights or anything get bar staff dressed up come on try a little fun for once byeee

uncle buck   9th January 08
frankie is the best, hes such a good manager and his radiant smile brightens the whole place up, hurrah for frankie!

jo jo   9th January 08
oh my god not him again, who calls himself hilarious, are you still droanin on ?

Hilarious   24th December 07
Eeeee this is pathetic - gat a life you useless waste of air. Ring me when you're legal. Oh, and you keep answering MY comments so have a word with yourself. This bar has been abused by the likes of the last owner and by children like you. Oh, and use your own comments - loser. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn....

lisa   19th December 07
dear me thers a lot of arguing goes on on this website for the white room. dont think i want to go in the place now if thats what the customers are like. why doesnt that hilarious just stop putting insulting comments on. he cant even be brave enough to put his real name on. the coward.

hannah   19th December 07
to hilarious, i dont know who the previous owner was or what he looks like so i dont think i will be missing him or trying to get in his pants. was he good looking, sounds like he was and your jealous. definately hilarious. if i bore you, stop answering my comments and go f--- yourself. get my drift .

Hilarious   18th December 07
Well Hannah, I think anyone with a bit of imagination can describe what a whore house looks like - not too bright are you? What's wrong - you missing that last owner or summit - just like loads of other little stupid minors who got in his pants.... now do you get MY drift. Yawn.... you bore me.

hannah   16th December 07
to eh???? i wouldnt know what a cheap whore house looks like cos ive never been in one, you obviously have and were probably on something at the time. .....get my drift?

blabla   13th December 07
to pete the sheep. yeah i heard he nashed off with the leccy money and its been cut off. the whole place is being run off a generator cos the new manager wont pay his bills for him. well why should he? this comment willprobably be deleted, the best ones always are.

Pete the Sheep   11th December 07
Heard the geezer who had this left with shed loads of debt. Not surprised as he ruined the place. Heard it's back as the White Room. Is it worth comin back in now?

martin   27th November 07
great bar, with great coffee to take away... another capaccino to go please.

Eh??   24th November 07
Hannah are you on something??? It looked like a cheap whore-house with leopard print and red velvet all over the place! Well if that's what you're used to.......get my drift?!?

hannah   23rd November 07
the white room was much better when it was oscars. theres more people gettin in now but they are students who are sitting with the same drink for an hour.the decor was much better when it was oscars, looking run down now like its in the middle of a refurbishment, but then again, thats what students prefer isnt it. bring back oscars.

There Is A God   7th November 07
Halleluja! Someone must have heard our prayers and got rid of the plank who turned this place into a cheap brothel. Lets hope he's moved on to somewhere that can't be ruined. Lost out there mate - oh if only you'd listened instead of trying to get off with any female (and male I've heard) with a pulse. Bye, you won't be missed. Hello White Room - glad you're back!

francois   29th October 07
Get in The White Room's back....saturday was class, didn't realise how good that place was until it had gone. Thank god it's back

sam   29th October 07
I used to work there and it was absolutely awesome, then it got took over and went from one of the coolest, most chilled out decent places to drink in sunderland to just another generic rubbish bar. The music policy went from innovative to standard (and by standard I meant terrible) and the decor looked cheap... good news though, I hear its been re taken over by the original owner, the new launch is this sat... woop woop. I was sick of drinking in the Ivy and Pure!

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