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White Room

29 Holmeside, SR1 3JF

Photo of White RoomA small cafe bar located on the main street between The Point and Yates's. Please use the form below to leave your comments about The White Room.
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one of the lads   29th October 07
The wall is actually down to the bricks you muppet, and it looks good. I was in on saturday night for the re-launch and it was packed, all the old crowd and crackin tunes. No glass busts, no leopard skin seats. no shite as the flyer says! Well done.

Urbansoul Junkie   29th October 07
I'm from a DJ duo called 'Scruffywax' we have started a Friday night residency playing the best in Dance, funk, soul etc. We are going to return the The White Room back to it's former glory! Cool'n'Phunky!

John   28th October 07
Used to really like it in here. It's gone downhill recently however, the toilets are disgusting, there is a wall down to it's bare concrete. Not sure what's going on!

TheTempted   24th October 07
TheTempted are an alternative melodic rock trio, whos self-penned songs combine driving rhythms with sky-high choruses. TheTempted will be playing at the White Rooms on the 18th of November, at 8pm, price on the door TBC. Other Bands should also be playing. Come along and enjoy TheTempted. Their sound is fresh, their energy is high and their shows are breathtaking.

john   23rd October 07
at last the white room returns.

little miss   16th October 07
great pub, fantastic decor, love those leopard print chairs. music is brilliant on a saturday night lately. manager, barstaff and doormen are really friendly and a great bunch of people get in there who are just out out for a bit of a dance and crack on. if you dont like it in here then obviously you are best off in the rowdy places like boulevard watching the fights. this pubs a bit like pure, only its cleaner.

CJA   11th September 07
Ice Cream! Indie Electro Pop Action Dj Set - Wed 19th, Sunderland, Oscars (Formally White Rooms) From 8, Cheap Drinks & Free Entry! See You There!

Sir Bernard Cholmley Warthington Jnr   16th August 07
Sadly, my red crushed velvet tuxedo has been ruined this very evening by those blasted moths in my boudouir. Consequentially I will no longer be able to fulfill my role as DJ at your fine establishment. Yours regretfully, Bernard

Dave   14th August 07
Good Bar, good music, good crack.. The bands what get in there are mint. i was in there not long ago and the Zutons where drinking. i was like "Oh yes nice 1". Got a photo with them. WOoot. Nice place :)

lynn   11th August 07
was in last sunday had three great bands on, really cool night, like the new name oscars.

mel   9th August 07
so... jarvis and ju-lea have gone to 7even, oscars apparently seems to be the new name and yet still steph hasnt realised how bad the place is doing, shouldnt you be looking at your takings mate?

kev-p   5th August 07
what a night in the room, we will all be going back everyweek, thats a few good nights we had there

Amused   23rd July 07
Eeeeeee you've got to be kiddin! Oscars??? It looks like a bad cabaret club. Where's the drag artists??! Laughed me socks off and walked straight past. They also had a chair outside supposed to be an electric chair. Put the owner in as he needs a shock. And whats with the huge red velvet curtain on the wall?? Ha ha haaa....ahh

Ahmed   20th July 07
Oscars! Haha As well as looking like a dog's dinner it's now fricking named after one. HAAhHAAhHaaaAaAHhaAH my sides hurt so much.

debs   27th June 07
i think this bar is classy, no idiots or kids in and love the music.

steve   25th June 07
OMG whats happend to this place used to be cool im all for change but its like some sort of varsity/cheese bar. Cold coffee took ages to get it as barmaid was on mobile wont be going bk.

J+J   23rd June 07
up to the end of 2006 - 90% positive comments from near the beginning of - 2007 90% negative comments when exactly did the new bloke take over again? He has RUINED this place.

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