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White Room

29 Holmeside, SR1 3JF

Photo of White RoomA small cafe bar located on the main street between The Point and Yates's. Please use the form below to leave your comments about The White Room.
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joe   22nd June 07
This place used to be so good, and a real community feel to the place. now there is no atmosphere and feels strange. also what is behind that curtain on the wall? more candles....

wtf   16th June 07
Come on, loved the candles on the table.. hmmmm me thinks people who run the bar may be writing comments on here. Who is really going to put i like the candles, lets face it the bar has been ruined now no going back. defo not going back unless sum1 else takes this place over. please please will the management or owners read all these negative comments and do sumthing about it . youre dying on ya feet.please someone revive the white rooms.

fran-K   13th June 07
before i said, "Absolutly boss, wide selection of music, very cosy, excessivly cool :)" new management, what went wrong nothing like it used to be, i'd never to go in again.

Paul   8th June 07
Good job new manager, about time there was a decent bar in sunderland. p.s. top totty behind the bar .

Caroline   8th June 07
was in the white room at the weekend, nothing like sr1, how can you compare, the music is good, love the candles on the table great atmosphere and decor. will be back x

mooney   8th June 07
Nah like it's the pits in here. I walk past on my way to KU and theres never anybody in. Talked to the bouncer there last week and he said its always like that. It looks like a gay brothel

ANG   5th June 07

Josh.   14th May 07
A think its great in here, better than it was before.. better music, decor.. everything.. in all the time and always have a good nite.

The Crew   12th May 07
The bloke that's got this place used to have SR1 and we know what THAT bar was like. Thought we'd try it again in case the first time was just a one-off. It wasn't! It's lost it's appeal and is turning into another SR1. The barmaid upstairs was also singing on the mic!?? Too far to walk anyway. Won't be back.

Gaz D   8th May 07
Well done the white room, you have gone from the best in sunderland to the worst since christmas. A massive acheivment.

Anon   8th May 07
full of ponces who are up their own ar5e! you have to look the part to b made to feel welcome in here! went in and went straight back out yesterday afternoon - there was 3 mod-ells sittin at the front of the bar staring at us as if we were sh1t! silly cows! will not b going back here any time soon!

Ju-lea   3rd May 07
Mooney, I'm the lass DJ. I now do 7even (used to be Ink/opposite Luma) on a saturday 8 till late. Get yourself down.

sheena   3rd May 07
Oh my god, what to say? dead as a doornail. crappy rubbish sounds. poncy decor. nasty atmosphere. so diapointing cos it used to be class in here.

mooney   26th April 07
Whats happened. This place used to be rocking on a weekend now its like a graveyard. Wheres the lass dj gone?

The Crew   12th April 07
Liked the new upstairs bar but the whole theme of the pub has changed - and not for the better. We used to love the chill out factor this bar had but it's now been changed to a disco with a DJ on very dodgy looking decks. Still an ok bar I suppose but please rethink what you've done to the place Mr White Room.

Unhappy Punter   12th April 07
What a shame. Just came home from night out and went to White Room. It's now a cheesy disco bar and I used to love the old chill out factor it had. Alas no more and no more visits from me and the crew.

dj logic   8th April 07
Just wondered if you might need a new dj to spice things up? play anything you want, commercial and dancey, scouse house styles preffered.

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