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White Room

29 Holmeside, SR1 3JF

Photo of White RoomA small cafe bar located on the main street between The Point and Yates's. Please use the form below to leave your comments about The White Room.
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Johnny Benson   19th March 07
Visited on Saturday for the first time in ages and.... oh what a dying shame. They've actually CHEESED the place up! The only decent bar in Sunderland and it's been ruined. It was playing... R&B MUSIC!!! How to kill a bar in one easy step, think of money and lose all identity it once had. A shot in the foot mate...

peter   10th March 07
was a good chilled out pub with good bar staff i was in there every weekend but now it is now just like any over pub..... sorry lads you's have made a good pub crap

Anth   4th March 07
Very chilled atmosphere. Like sat in my living room, could stop there all day & night. Decor starting to look cool, not shabby like before. And lots cleaner! Music good. Cracking classy totty behind bar. New owners keep up the good work.

sonny   17th February 07
a total change. new bar staff, new dj,s new door staff. why have the old staff gone as these people made the white room what it was? Door staff were good crack - shame!!!

JustThinkPhil   15th February 07
Its good venue. New Owners have started a really cool music night on Tuesdays called: Celluloid Jam. DJ Sal plays cool funky music from classic films like kill bill etc... Free entry. Aimed at Gay people mainly but its an open minded venue so everybody is most welcome. Ealier they have warm up music and nibbles at POPCORN every tuesday from 4pm

Paul   31st January 07
Can be a bit 'Sunderland Scenester' at the weekend but well chilled during the week!

paul   29th January 07
spoke to soon. apparently the djs have been given the shove and its turned into a trendy bar just like everywhere else. boo

cath   16th January 07
best music in town shame about the decor .

ODB   30th December 06
Good music but the place is starting to look shabby and the blokes toilet is a disgrace. As for the punters, they all look like extras from the Football Factory.

Fiona   27th December 06
I like the bar although you should have a better choice of wine !

angel   23rd December 06
They ask for id and when you show them it they say its fake! Woudnt waste me money in here, like I am gonna take me passport out when i go clubbin? Some places tell me they dont accept passports and drivers licease as id the staff just pick on people in here what a sh**hole!

paul daniels   15th December 06
i used to go here but i got annoyed quickly with the people who go in thinking theyre something theyre not. crap

herman   11th December 06
this place has improved loads in the last year. The music is the best in the town on a friday and saturday

the contender   6th December 06
white rooms is a great, bar staff, door staff and managers are top class..

Just Think Phil   5th December 06
White Room Rocks. But please Ben and the gang will you sort out upstairs??? Lets place down. Could be so much better than it is now!

david peter james   30th November 06
i used to go to the whiteroom on wednesdays to see live jazz bands, but they don't seem to be holding these events anymore, since the independent opened across the street.

benny green   10th November 06
best bar in sunderland by a long way, but when all the other bars are stuck in cheeseville i suppoe it's easy

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