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White Room

29 Holmeside, SR1 3JF

Photo of White RoomA small cafe bar located on the main street between The Point and Yates's. Please use the form below to leave your comments about The White Room.
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FERG   30th October 06
Pub for legends the lass dj on a saturday is sound as owt.

the big fella   29th October 06
its a f*cking good bar and the door staff are mint.

missus   9th October 06
like someone's living room witH tremendous sounds and a nice pint.

Stonesy   5th October 06
Good pub but too expensive.

angeey   17th September 06
Ahh the only bar in Sunderland thats stripey jumper free thank god for that, full of cool individual peeps x

Chris P. Bacon   6th September 06
What a f*cking rip off, id rather give me cash to oxfam then pay their prices...

Bump   17th August 06
single minded cool cats keepin' out the Disco Trevors... not elitist, just an intelligent crowd. If this intimidates you and makes you think it's posey then your obviously thick and better off at Idols anyways. Peace ; )

Gary   23rd July 06
Not my cup of tea however i do want to try a monkey tea and get a free bananna!!

frankie   23rd July 06
Absolutly boss, wide selection of music, very cosy, excessivly cool :)

Jack A ov Redhouse   25th May 06
Really good chill out spot, not too expensive, and itís a mod venue, which is ideal for me, who is that idiot who says it gets too full of smokers?

Ferg   3rd May 06
White Room is the music centre of Sunderland, luv to start here on a Saturday night out!

Gayboy   1st May 06
Canny little bar gets to full of smokers and posers

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