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William Jameson

30/32 Fawcett Street. Tel: 0191 514 5016

Photo of William JamesonThis former department store was converted into a pub by the mighty Wetherspoons Pub chain. It is large, comfortable, and extremely affordable. However, as you see from the map, it is too far from other venues to attract passing trade, especially from the young clubbers. In-line with Wetherspoons' policy this venue is strictly music-free.
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Craig   6th June 12
One of the best pubs ive been to in england! And im from Scotland haha only thing missing is music but with a good enough croud you don't need it

micky f   24th November 10
Bit harsh there I was in there before the match on Monday and it was good craic and the Maximus was toppa

tom   24th October 10
not as good as it was, full of down and outs

Eamonn   11th August 10
Love the Maximus in here.

Daz   15th June 10
Aye had some Maximus in there and it was quality unfortunately they only have it on every 2/3 weeks where as the Musuem Vaults has this quality drink on all the time

wearmouth   27th May 10
The maximus in Jamesons is toppa.

David P   19th December 09
Popped in on Saturday afternoon after last off the Christmas shopping and sat down in the dinning area, It was less than half full very few eating, Ordered the drinks one beer one coffee and one coke, While getting served with the drinks we were asked by Sam the barman to leave because we had our 14 year old daughter with us and we were not dinning which had not been a problem before, we returned the drinks then left

Gordy   11th July 09
I was in last night. A very underated pub. Food was very good and cask Double Maxim and Pedigree were spot on.

Kingy   11th July 09
Marty, Do you mean the classy MAXIMUS. If so, you are right its a quality beer.

Marty   7th July 09
Good pub much better than Yates. Just wish they would get the Maxium on again.What an ale !

Richard   14th February 09
Nice pub, drinks are well priced, staff are very professional.

Chris   25th August 08
Great pub, great staff and atmosphere.. drinks are good too!

william tamz   9th April 08
its pure belter coz it was my first time down sunderland i was pure gutted wen i herd they were shuttin it down and then i herd that it was on at the boat so ive benn going see ya x

Anon   15th November 07
Why isn't SINATRAS BAR on here? its the best bar in the town, get this site sorted!

sadler 2k7   7th August 07
neva been to da monkey but da darkside and da powerhouse is mint bring it back

Jameson SURVIVOR!   17th July 07
where do i start? it would be a relaxing experiance if i could stop shaking whilst trying to hold a pint! this bar is full of white trash nutters.everyones tryin to start a fight wif every1 else, only go when you feel like life is not worth living anymore!

b*r* c*o*e   29th June 07
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