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5 Burdon House, Burndon Road. Tel: 0191 567 1649

Photo of YatesWhat more could you ask for if its cheap food and reasonably cheap drinks you want?

Located outside of the main strip of Bars and clubs you can find an older orientated bar as Yates provides a typical Wetherspoon menu and Wetherspoon prices. As you enter the pub you find the bar straight ahead of you along with a staircase on your right leading to the toilets, bearing to your left you can find the Pool tables and slot machines.

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Homicidal Retribution   5th July 11
Real ale all the way.

dj barnsey   2nd January 11
well i dj there and the image it has too what it is now is completley diff its a good night and i was there to see the new year in and it was fantastic night

Real Sunderland Drinker   4th December 10
sunderland drinker-you pleb, 99% of people ask for a pint of fosters or a pint of carling ect, just the soft lads ask for a pint of lager without the brand name.

sunderland drinker   18th August 10
watch out when ordering lager as you will be charged 2.80 for carling if you dont state that you just want the cheapest lager fosters i think!

Alan the Legend   13th August 10
Was in here last Sunday and had a great time. Food was reasonably priced and tasty, the staff were friendly and the DJ made a fuss over me mate on his birthday. Been a long time since we've been in, but we'll be back! They seem to have kicked all the idiots out as well.

Stevey   15th June 10
Still dodgey and Guinness 3 a pint !

simon   13th June 10
we were always regulars in this once vibrant and popular pub , our lot went in on saturday and asked the dj for what we portrayed as normal pop songs and he just didnt have a clue , he was mumbling away about random stuff , the barmaid had a mug on her which was enough to sour the milk , and an attitude to match as was her scowl when one of us decided to change the drink to another brand which was before it was rung in the till and was left feeling some what looked down upon. we will be avoiding this place from now on as the 6 of us used to have to maybe 3 drinks each so another venue will get our hard earned cash now, such a shame .

Wacky Wear Bhoy   20th May 10
Any better since its reopened ?

Richard   8th May 10
I popped into this place the other week and it is really not as bad as people make out, yes it could do with a little revamp and obviously you are going to get some rough people there, but apart from that its ok. The staff are pleasent and professional, food & drink prices are excellent, they even have pool tables.

2000 - 2003 dj   31st January 10
This place was class back in the days. Top management with Jaine and her top bar staff. 5 doormen on and the place was bouncing. Clean, cheesy party music and a wonderful atmosphere. Such a shame to see it go downhill

tart with a heart   19th December 09
we all used to go in here every week but havent for past 5 weeks due to xmas money to be saved but , went in and what a shock to the system a new dj who hasnt heard of the type of songs we used to hear every week and felt some what dissapointed will be going staraight past now to next pub where i know we will be catered for, such a shame a let down for yateseys

elmo   27th November 09
yates, twinned with the blandford ?

gazza   4th September 09
cheap maybe julie but its mainly full of sunderlands low life losers,this has got to be the worst yates in england!

julie   24th August 09
the place is cheap and a good laught i go in every time i go out

paul   4th August 09
this place should be shut down as its an embarassment not just to the yates chain but to the city of sunderland! people are nervous just passing never mind going in!

jane   6th July 09
well i must say i have been in better bars, the place stunk of urine, feet stuck to the floor, the glasses were disgusting i think they just give them a rinse, i could only last 5 mins in here, it needs a good clean and a lick of paint

Sam   12th June 09
Was in there last Saturday, place was packed to the rafters, maybe had sumthin to do with a match being on, drinks are a good price, beats the rest of the town price wise, the only thing that drags the place down is the drunks who get in there regularly, its obvious they are there for the drink, they look like something from the Jeremy Kyle show and smell of wet dog! And its always the same ones as well, they're there every time you go in! My suggestion to Management would be to clamp down on who they let in cos these people just drag the place down, its not nice to go somewhere and have stuff kicking off all the time!

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