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5 Burdon House, Burndon Road. Tel: 0191 567 1649

Photo of YatesWhat more could you ask for if its cheap food and reasonably cheap drinks you want?

Located outside of the main strip of Bars and clubs you can find an older orientated bar as Yates provides a typical Wetherspoon menu and Wetherspoon prices. As you enter the pub you find the bar straight ahead of you along with a staircase on your right leading to the toilets, bearing to your left you can find the Pool tables and slot machines.

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Frank   27th April 09
The place should be re-named 'the jockey' because it reminds me of that pub in shameless. Full of pissheads and trouble kicking off every half an hour. Best avoided.

katy   29th January 09
the decor is a bit rough round the edges but the staff are really friendly, the drink is super cheap and the food was good too. a lick of paint and maybe a few less chavs and this could be my new local!

sophie   5th January 09
really gd club! drinks are unbeleivably cheap! havent tried the food yet but a will do next time a go! x

donald   19th November 08
1.30 a pint - may sound good - but the pint i had was poor and the the place was full of Jeremy Kyle show rejects

kenn   18th November 08
boyo 1.30 for a pint of fosters ideal

one   12th October 08
Well If Its Any Thing Like Yates In Newcastle Shud Be Great

Norman Christie   28th July 08
was a nice pub a spring clean and a paint will sort it out

kevin   10th May 08
the laurel pub co sold off all the leased units to various operators, however it remains the fact that none of the units will be rebranded in the near future. carry on enjoying yates as is and no need to get into the politics side of things.

Anon   23rd April 08
Ripper dunno where you getting you're info from but its boll**ks lol

Ripper   23rd April 08
Find YATES boring. It's full of nobbers of all ages... Can't wait for them to go under, I hear through head office that they are selling to CRC (GROUP).. Can't wait.. ahhaahhahaha ye ole nob BA

little legs   2nd April 08
Good meeting place drinks are cheap and the staff are very friendly

To Caroline   7th February 08
Hiya chuck, wel am not very good at givin directions but if you know where park lane is in sunderland wel if you face towards the bridges shopping centre, its to the right, a very long street and its at the very end till you get to the 2nd traffic lights, next to William Jameson the pub and opposite the winter garden museum! x x jen

caroline   9th January 08
hia just found out there is a yates in sunderland? how would you get there from the lodge and wat clubs is it next too? x

Billy Collins   11th December 07
It's a nice pub, intend on playing their game Cash Inn there once it has launched!

New Jock On Saturday nights   27th November 07
Well, i've been the new jock in here since the middle of september, some like my style of music, some don't, it's just the luck of the draw - the manager is great, as are the bar team, get yasel along

Bit of a regular   29th September 07
We go to Yates's a fair bit, usually on a Saturday. It's great gettin cheap drinks! Some good tunes ya get in there... Doorman speak which in Sunderland it's like woooooow cos some of them are proper miserable! But Davy always speaks... ;-)

dj steven   15th August 07
Saturday was my first night working in here. I had a good nite, get a lot of older people and young people to so the music was 60 70 80 90 and now, hope everyone had a good nite