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5 Burdon House, Burndon Road. Tel: 0191 567 1649

Photo of YatesWhat more could you ask for if its cheap food and reasonably cheap drinks you want?

Located outside of the main strip of Bars and clubs you can find an older orientated bar as Yates provides a typical Wetherspoon menu and Wetherspoon prices. As you enter the pub you find the bar straight ahead of you along with a staircase on your right leading to the toilets, bearing to your left you can find the Pool tables and slot machines.

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?   12th July 07
That DJ is bitter cos he was fired cos he was crap! the new manager is great! a right laugh

flea   29th June 07
oioioioioi tae evri1 in newcastle i'll be home soon expecially uz in nunsy park 2weeks left so have the PARTY ready ''can't wait'' x ; ) missing yaz ; ( x

tj   20th March 07
Good place like, although a game of pool is 1.20, pritty steep like.

Chrissy & Liam   28th February 07
Its canny mint in here, shut up Ersey & Kurt

DJ   15th February 07
Used to work here, ok to start of with until new manager started ryt tit, Sorry but he hasnt a clue. Gud pub turned poor now!

Yates Barmaid   14th February 07
I know its not the first place you would think to go on a night out but its great to start off in with the cheap drinks, students get 25% off to so thats really good. Im trying to get the manager to do a indie/rock night on monday, so that will drag a younger crowd in plus its right up the street from union, not far to walk at all!

ersey nd kurt   7th February 07
yates is a good place but they woudnt accept my ID when i am actualy 18 the manger a prick!! and should be fired lost about 8 customers coz of that

Claire   11th January 07
Yates is great!! its so cheap and students get 25% off!! double jack and coke for 2!!!?? come on how good is that!!??

Emma Newlands (Glasgow)   19th November 06
Yates was a fantastic night out! We went on a Sunday night which was quite busy and they had karaoke, personally i dont like karaoke but it was great fun with alot of regulars and i even ended up singing!

rach   14th November 06
Its alright in here for a couple of cheap drinks and a game of pool on a sat day but not the place to go on a nite out sorry.

gabby   29th October 06
Good music played in here, good for going to for couple of drinks to meet up with people before hitting the clubs yeah x

Footy...   11th October 06
Topper in here on a match day, Also great on a Fri & Sat night.

dave   29th August 06
Toilets flooded, run out of food, beer was crap, must need a line clean, couldn't even get a coffee. Not what you expect from this company.

baz   20th July 06
Few games of pool, few games on the quiz machine, few pints and a pie then off in to town. My first stop, smells of carpet cleaner though.

Stephen   13th July 06
Yates is changing. It seems to be getting the younger crowd in. Had a great time, loved it, bar manager was smashing.

babs   22nd May 06
Na, its more for older, much older people in there... boring!